Home remedies to cure blemishes

Home remedies to cure blemishes – Home remedies for treating facial scars

Home remedies to cure blemishes -The health of your face depends on many things, one of which also has stains of skin. There are many reasons for this, such as poor diet, heredity, hormonal imbalance, lack of skin care etc. With aging, you start to suffer from problems of wrinkles and fine lines.

(Home remedies to cure blemishes – Home remedies for treating facial scars)

Facial braided pimples (pores) give rise to acne, black and white spots. You can remove them from some natural remedies. Some such measures are described below.

The facial scars of the face are called the colorless and stained part of the face. These stains are due to spots, acne or similar problems. Sometimes these stains are also caused due to an injury, aging, skin burning in the sun, and wart etc.

Ayurvedic home remedies – Drug insufficiency tips

There are many remedies based on Ayurveda which are home remedies for eradicating stains. These remedies are completely natural and can be made at home. They do not have any side effects.

1. Remedies for stain remedies from milk and almonds (Milk and almonds)

False almonds and milk paste are kept away from the inside and the impurities in the face are removed.

2. Measures to remove stains from potato (potato)

Rubbing potato pieces 2 to 3 times a day gets a lot of benefit. Using raw potato as a mask, its juice proves to be very effective in removing stains of skin. The traces born by Sun Tan also get rid of potato pieces.

3. Household Remedies for Stain Removal (Mint) by Mint

Home remedies to cure blemishes  – Applying freshly grounded mint leaves on the skin also removes impurities.

Remedies to remove dark spots (Kale daag mitane ke upay in hindi)


(Home remedies to cure blemishes – Home remedies for treating facial scars)

Apple cider vinegar

Removal of spots, apple vinegar is an object which becomes available to almost everyone. Because this substance contains alpha hydroxide acid, it effectively removes impurities from the skin layers. The ph level of your face is always controlled due to its antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. Mix one teaspoon apple vinegar in 3 teaspoons of water and immerse it in the mouth of cotton and put it on those parts of the face, where you see any inaccuracy. Keep it on the face for about 15 minutes and then wash it with water. Use it to remove the impurities daily.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a well-known plant that produces substances like a gel. This special jail is used for many types of beauty and health treatments. This gel helps in the growth of new cells of the skin and effectively eliminates problems such as facial impurities and acne. If there is a plant of Aloe Vera in your house then take its leaf and break it from the middle. Now take out the prison and put it on those parts of the face, where there is a problem of acne or acne. If you mix a few drops of lemon juice in the Aloe vera gel, then this mixture will be even more effective. After applying, leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it.

Orange peels

Take a orange and remove the peel off well. Now dry these peels in the sun and grind them to form a powder. Now add one spoon organic honey, equal amount of curd and one spoon orange peel. Mix them all together and put them on your face. Focus more on those parts of the face where stains are more. Leave it for a while and after that wash the face.

Banana peel

Most people do not know the properties of banana peel. The fact is that there is a large hand of banana peels in removing the facial scars. Take the banana peel and rub its white on the scars and spots well. Keep it for 10 minutes and wash the face with water well and see the difference.

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