ayurvedic medicine dry cough

ayurvedic medicine dry cough

Medicine dry Cough most common health problems in one. When your throat or upper air route interruption or impairment, your brain thinks in it foreign element is present and body of the element to remove cough comes. However, continuous cough many situations symptoms may be, such as allergies, viral infection, or bacterial infection. Constant cough to be some not too bad. Cough you night awake can keep is your work may interfere and you are unhappy feel make be. Cough allergy, asthma, acid reflux, dry air, and non-common reasons. While cough most common symptoms throat itching, chest pain, and deposits are.

Cough home remedies for you counter drugs instead of taking cough to treat these domestic treatments can use:

Medicine dry Cough

1. honey:

(Medicine dry Cough)

this is a rich is, in which the high viscosity and viscosity coating and irritable mucous membrane cool to an incredible works. You herbal tea or in hot water, and lime with honey 2 tablespoons of the entire home on your own way you can create. Honey analgesic properties additional benefits for empty stomach plain honey a spoon to swallow is used to.

2. Salt and water with gargle for:

hot water Cup in Salt half spoon got nothing better disinfectant solution to make a swelling throat and cough freedom from the city. It cuff effectively out also help you can.

3. steam:

steam mucous and cuff immediately to loose I can help.

4. turmeric:

turmeric the root of knitting, grind. It water and honey mix with, and it is a twice a day drink. Alternatively, turmeric powder a spoon and boiling water in a Cup carom seeds one teaspoon by adding herbal tea to make. Hot milk glass turmeric add can drink.

5. peppermint:

(Medicine dry Cough)

Mint menthol throat diconjested as working, mucus break helps. You peppermint drinking tea or steam bath peppermint वाष्पों breathing relief can get.

6. tea thyme:

thyme trechiya and bronchi muscles are comfortable, and Airways open. You thyme of crushed leaves 2 tbsp, boiling water 1 Cup got thyme tea can create.

7. hydrated log in:

drinking fluid postnegel drip in mucus diluted to helps. Hydration your immune function also has a positive effect. Your throat cool to hot water drink.

8. hot soup:

hot broth and soups throat for soothing and especially cold and flu with cough relief are useful. In business, onion, garlic, ginger and pepper like spicy foods which work. Hot soup are, in herbs fluctuations in active agent containing vapor your Airways enters and mucus to cover her, while the hot liquid your throat cool off.

9. dried ginger and pepper:

dry ginger and pepper a mixture of cough for a traditional herbal remedy. Your tongue this location only a small pinch out of need. Chinese often this mixture is added this on the palate and easy.

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